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Your Daily Devotional – December 14, 2011




In God’s WORD are written many admonishments and warnings, given by Christ for our safety and the safety of our families and for guidance as we journey through this life. Holy Spirit is given to Believers in Christ as a guardian of the Truth, and oversees God’s WORD that it accomplishes the intended purpose of bringing Life to those who diligently seek HIM for ‘Reconciliation’ through Christ Jesus. We are commanded in God’s WORD, to be ‘Eager’ and ‘Strive’ relentlessly to keep HIS WORD through Obedience, and by the Power of HIS Spirit, we are to guard our heart into the Way, the Truth and the Life that binds our relationship through Faith in HIS Son. It is said that through seeking Peace rather than conflict, HIS Power will be seen and will manifest into a greater testimony of HIS Love. Believers in Christ have been entrusted with HIS Spirit of Power, given a mandate which says, ‘I must seek HIM all of my days, and HE will Deliver me and Reward me for my Obedience and Faithfulness to HIS unchanging and infallible WORD!’ O’Lord, YOUR Spirit gives Power and Strength to my soul, and I Rejoice that YOU have shown me YOUR Salvation. For YOUR Peace and Truth will guide me deeper into YOUR Ways, and watch over me as I serve YOU as my Lord and my King. A Testimony to YOUR Majesty and Greatness I must forever be, for those who are blind and wandering about aimlessly, may receive their spiritual eyesight and seek renewed fellowship. By YOUR WORD and through YOUR Spirit of Mercy and Grace, this is my earnest plea, O’Lord, that I may be found Faithful and True in all my labors that YOU would ask of me. Pour an abundance of YOUR Spirit into my heart, to Guard and Oversee the advancement of YOUR Gospel. Amen  ]]]]> ]]>

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