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‘Well … this is awkward.’ Chick-fil-A lays an egg



Chick-fil-A laid an egg when it sent out an email to its customers promoting National Sandwich Day.

Given that the fast-food chain sells chicken sandwiches, one would think the day would provide a great marketing opportunity.

There was only one little problem: National Sandwich Day falls on Sunday, Nov. 3, and Chick-fil-A stores are never open on Sundays.

“Well … this is awkward,” a second email started out. “We’re actually closed on National Sandwich Day.”

CNN reported that the company apologized for any confusion, writing that they’ll see their customers as usual – Monday through Saturday.

Rival Popeyes made a little fun out of the error on Twitter, while emphasizing their stores are open seven days a week.


Even before Chick-fil-A went public with its email faux pas, Popeyes announced its chicken sandwich would be coming back.

On National Sandwich Day.

On Nov. 3.

On Sunday, when Chick-fil-A is closed.

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Happy Thanksgiving



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Santa confirms that Christmas is not canceled



With such an unprecedented year — we’ve been quarantined, adults working from home (or worse, losing jobs), students learning at home, restaurants and many other businesses shutting down, and families unable to visit each other — many children have been worried and wondering if Christmas is going to be canceled, too.

Well, thanks to Facebook and some familiar elves, parents have been able to reassure children that Christmas is indeed coming.

Santa reassured children that Christmas isn’t canceled.

The post, directly from Santa himself, is easing the minds of children everywhere. The elves captioned the photo “Important notice!” and it is going viral.

In the lengthy post, Santa confirms that he will be getting out on Dec. 24, and he, too, has been taking precautions against the pandemic.

Santa wrote: “It has come to my attention that children around the world are being told by their older siblings, parents, others adults, and even friends, that Christmas is not coming this year due to the COVID pandemic.

“This is simply not true. I have been practicing social distancing just as you have.”

Santa went on to say that no one at the North Pole has been infected and safety measures are being taken before his annual deliveries.

“All the toys and other presents will be totally disinfected before and after they are wrapped and put into my sleigh for delivery to your home, or to wherever you will be this year,” he wrote. “Do not worry my friends, I will not be spreading the virus nor will I be getting sick from anyone that has it. Christmas is not canceled.”

The post has racked up hundreds of likes and comments including many from parents praising Santa for his hard work.

Micki May is one of those grateful grandparents.

“My grandson was so worried and kept asking me if Santa Claus could get the ‘rona,” she said. “He was quite relieved when I read him Santa’s Facebook post.”

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Carson arrested on felony warrants



Officer Matt Barnes, Horatio Carson, Officer Joseph Stubbs, and Inv. Donnie Heggins (photo by David Day)

Horatio Carson, 34, of 272 Cedars School Circle, was arrested Thursday on a felony warrant for probation violation.

Heggins, Barnes, Carson, Stubbs, Grady (photo by David Day)

Vicksburg police Investigator Donnie Heggins and Lt. Jeff Merritt, and Mario Grady, investigator for the Mississippi attorney general’s office, executed the warrant after Carson was spotted at the carwash on Grange Hall Road.

Stubbs, Carson, Barnes, Grady (photo by David Day)

Carson was indicted in the October session of the grand jury as a habitual offender on charges of possession of a controlled substance and fleeing or evading a police officer.

Horatio Carson and Joseph Stubbs (photo by David Day)

Carson was transported to jail by Officer Joseph Stubbs to await trial.

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