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Wayside Apostolic Church’s water bill to be paid in full



(Photo by David Day)

Thanks to the generous donations of you, our faithful readers, we have surpassed our goal of paying the water bill for Wayside Apostolic Church of Deliverance.

Many of you paid money directly to Hilldale Water District, to the tune of $960, while others donated through the GoFundMe page, which raised $3,240 ($3,132.81 after fees). Still others participated by joining us at the fundraiser at Big Bee’s Barbecue this weekend, which provided another $800.

Generous GoFundMe donations raised the bulk of the goal in just one week (screenshot from GoFundMe)

Next week, the Vicksburg Daily News will have the pleasure of delivering the money to the water district and meeting with church leaders. Again, thank you for providing us with confirmation of what a generous, loving community we live in.  When our neighbors need us, Vicksburg always comes through.

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