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Warren County Board of Supervisors Meeting – April 04, 2011




Warren County Board of Supervisors Monday, April 04, 2011, 9:00 AM The Board recognized Ms. Cathy Watts and several students from Vicksburg High School participating in a Career Prep project. Approved March minutes. Richard Winans, Road Manager –          Approved and Accepted Monthly Department Reports. –          Updated information on the River Surges and the status for the Kings Ferry.  Service to Kings Point Island is scheduled to resume Sunday. John McKee, County Engineer –          Approved Amend State Aid Programs for LSBP-75(12) and LSBP-75(13) to widen bridges on on Woods St. to accommodate traffic to and from neighborhoods. –          Considered Utility Bond Waiver Request from Comcast.  The request was denied as Comcast is only ‘passing through’ and will not be providing any services to the area. Olie Elfer, Jimmy G. Gouras Urban Planning Consultants –          Approved the following invoices to be paid upon receipt of State of Mississippi MDS funds concerning the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Project #R-103-075-01-KED Haining Road Project to ABMB Engineers, invoice #28 in the amount of $19,922.57 and Key, LLC, estimate #23 in the amount of $105,885.21. Also, approve cash request #30 in the amount of $125,807.78 to MDA. –          Approved the following invoices to be paid upon receipt of State of Mississippi MDA funds concerning the CDBG Project #R-110-073-01-GZ Bayou Project to ABMB Engineering, invoice #16 in the amount of $14,768.82 and to Jimmy G Gouras Urban Planning Consultants, invoice #9076 in the amount of $3,381.25. Also approve cash request #17 in the amount of $18,150.07 to MDA. –          Accepted budget modification approval from the Mississippi Development Authority for the Bayou Project adjusting Legal from $10,000 to $23,275. Jim Agent, Deputy Tax Assessor –          Approved changes to Real/Personal Property Rolls. –          Approved Homestead Exemption adjustments. John Smith, County Administrator –          Approved John McKee, County Engineer invoices –          Approved James R. Sherard, Board Attorney invoice –          Approved reimbursement to Drug Court for Drug Court Coordinator’s salary in the amount of $4,335.17 for March 2011 –          Approved payment in the amount of $18,333.03 for Warren County’s share of E-911 dispatchers’ salaries, matching benefits and insurance for March 2011 –          Approved request of Parks and Recreation Comm. for quarterly allocation in the amount of $70,000.00 –          Approved the recommendation of Warren County Selection Committee to award the following concerning the CDBG Public Facilities Grant application: o   Administrative services – Jimmy G Gouras Urban Planning Consultants o   Engineering Services – ABMB Engineering –          Rejected other proposals for the CDBG Public Facilities RFP –          Approve ads for Warren Central High School football program and for Vicksburg High School football program for full page ad of $550 each –          Approved ad and authorized issuance of a check payable to the Miss Mississippi Corporation in the amount of $300 for a full page ad Dot McGee, Chancery Clerk –          Accepted monthly County reports for March 2011 –          Approved Claims Docket for March 2011 –          Approved Justice Court Settlements for 02/21/2011 – 03/20/2011 –          AcceptedWarren County Port Commission minutes for 02/22/2011 and Park and Recreation Commission minutes for 12/29/2010 Monday, April 04, 2011, 10:00 AM Approved Supplemental Claims Docket Bid opening for Warren County Bayou Project, CDBG Project #R-110-073-01-GZ – Phase 2 Sprouts Spring Bayou; Fairway Paving Project No. 75(310); and Forrest Cove Paving Project No. 75(311)]]]]> ]]>

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