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VWSD teachers – we’ve got questions




Over the last week, the Vicksburg Daily News has received numerous comments, messages and calls about things that are happening in the school district.

VDN wants to first mention that we are aware that any employer/employee dynamic can be challenging, and some of the reports we’ve received appear to be more of an attempt to make the leadership of the district look worse than anything else. We are not in the business of handling personal agendas.

To be very clear: VDN is in the news business. Our job is to get factual information to the public.

We approached the issue by asking district leaders directly, openly and fairly to respond to concerns of the community that had been brought to our attention.

To date we have received no response from VWSD administration or school board members.

We simply wish to give the leadership of the district a platform to answer questions and address concerns.

So again we ask you, VWSD school board members, to please respond to the questions you’ve been asked. As elected officials you are accountable to the public and not answering fair, open and honest questions may lessen the public’s perception of you and your job performance. To continue to ignore the public’s request for answers only serves to fuel a fire of suspicion and distrust.

In the meantime, we would also like to hear from the teachers, assistants, support staff, bus drivers, and other employees.

If you are an employee with the school district, we would like to give you the opportunity to weigh in on some of the issues we’re trying to address and, hopefully, resolve.

Please send your responses to:

[email protected]

All answers will remain anonymous and confidential. 

Here are the questions:

1. It has been reported to the Vicksburg Daily News that teachers are having to spend their personal money and time on PPE and 360 cleaning. Is that true?

2. Did the payroll deposit error cause you to incur bank fees you normally wouldn’t have had? If so, do you feel the district should be responsible for reimbursing you?

3. Due to the pandemic, do you feel like you are having to work more hours this school year? Are you spending more personal time working on school related things than in previous years?

4. Have you personally been COVID-19 positive or directly exposed to the coronavirus and been asked to return to work before your physician released you?

5. How do you feel about some schools in the district being so racially unbalanced? Do you believe this matters? Do you consider it a problem? If so, who do you feel is responsible and why?

6. Concerning the state auditor’s report on the district, do you feel that the person(s) responsible for the waste and fraud should be held accountable?

7. Do you think that zone transfers are approved fairly for all students?

8. Many of the messages we received concerned favoritism being shown to certain schools, administrators and faculty. Do you think this is true? If so, do you have any experience with this?

9. Student confidentiality aside, have you ever felt intimidated or threatened with losing your job for voicing your own opinion about district matters?

10. Do you feel that your social media presence should be a factor in your continued employment with the district?

11. Do you feel supported and respected by the district administration and board members?




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