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VWSD teachers haven’t been paid since December 18th



They are normally paid once a month, on the first of the month. But with the Christmas holiday they were paid on the 18 of December. That is nothing new and teachers plan on that six week gap in pay.

However, educators were expecting their checks to land today like they normally do on the last working day of the month. Since those checks have not landed the teachers are concerned. They have bills to pay and overdraft fees can eat up a sizable portion of their pay if they don’t have a cushion in their accounts.

Starting teacher pay in Mississippi and the Vicksburg Warren School District is $38,590 a year.


One educator noted “I feel like this happens every January.” Another said, in response to their pay not landing today, “Why!?”

Christi Kilroy responded to a query from the Vicksburg Daily News “There was an error in our direct deposit and it has been corrected.” Kilroy did not clarify if that meant educators would be paid today.

At the time this story was published, Kilroy had not responded to our question “Does that mean they are getting paid today?”

The Vicksburg Daily News is withholding the identity of the educators who commented on this story.

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