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Vicksburg YMCA is almost ready to unveil its new basketball court



The Vicksburg YMCA's new basketball court is scheduled to open in June. (Photo courtesy Vicksburg YMCA)

The new basketball gym at the Vicksburg YMCA is nearly complete.

The construction of the new court is a part of the YMCA’s $4 million expansion project, which was launched by CEO Phillip Doiron last April. Work on the basketball court began earlier this year.

The new court is expected to be complete by mid-June which will provide YMCA members with two full basketball gyms. The basketball court will consist of six basketball goals, similar to the the one that currently exists at the YMCA.

With two basketball gyms, the YMCA will be able to have simultaneous youth basketball games at instead of having one gym crowded with players and parents waiting on their games to begin.

The entire YMCA will have a much improved look once construction is complete, marking the biggest upgrade  since the Y moved to this location (267 YMCA Place) in 2002.

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