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Vicksburg wakes to a winter wonderland



(photo by David Day)

Vicksburg woke Monday morning to a rare sight — a fluffy blanket of snow.

The winter storm that moved through our area Sunday night left behind about two inches of snowfall, transforming the landmarks and architecture of our city just enough allow a look at our beautiful city with fresh eyes.

Sunday night a winter storm dusted Washington street with a mix of powdery soft snow and sleet (photo by David Day)

The Crawford Street plaza looked stunning Sunday night filled with dancing snow flurries (photo by David Day)

A serene landscape softened by the light of dawn filtering through dense snow clouds (photo by David Day)

The snowy grounds and trees flanking the Southern Cultural Heritage Museum Monday morning (photo by David Day)

The rosy dawn sky gives an otherworldly look to downtown Vicksburg Monday (photo by David Day)

Photo by David Day

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