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Vicksburg natives Butler and Harris play each other for the second time this season



DeMichael Harris and Malcolm Butler (photo courtesy of Rosie Harris)

Vicksburg natives DeMichael Harris and Malcolm Butler went head to head again Sunday night when the Indianapolis Colts took on the Tennessee Titans.

Butler led Titans to the 45-26 victory over the Colts, but both teams are having a great season.

Butler finished the game with four tackles and one interception for the Titans. Harris rushed one time for 2 yards and caught one pass for 1 yard for the Colts.

The two Vicksburg natives met for the first time last month when the Colts defeated the Titans 34-17, but this time it would be Butler and the Titans who took home the win.

DeMichael Harris and Malcolm Butler (photo courtesy Rosie Harris)

After the game, Butler and Harris posed for a picture which easily represents two guys from the same hometown playing the sport that they love.


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