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Vicksburg High Gators took home their first win Thursday



(Photo by Suzie Etheridge)

The Vicksburg High School football team fought a hard battle Thursday night and came out on top against South Pike in a 23-22 victory.

Laurence Sullivan led the offense in rushing with 114 yards and a touchdown for the Gators. Leading the team was freshman quarterback Ronnie Alexander who had a rushing touchdown and 102 passing yards. Channing Adams was also a big help to the Gator’s victory as he finished with 75 yards and a touchdown.

The Gators came from behind to score 23 points to win the game after trailing 22-0. The game came down to the final seconds when kicker Chris Williams nailed a 25-yard field goal for the Gators.

The win is the first this season for VHS and its new head coach Todd McDaniel.

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