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Two injured as car chase ends in accident



The scene of a two car accident on Fisher Ferry near Old Trace Drive

A woman fleeing from police caused an accident on Fisher Ferry Road that injured two people and shut down the roadway for over an hour.

Warren County Sheriff’s Investigator Sam Winchester was flagged down by a resident at 10:18 p.m., Jan. 18. The resident had witnessed a silver Chevy Trailblazer hit another vehicle and then leave the scene of the accident on Belva Drive near Warrenton Elementary School. The Trailblazer fled west from the scene but Winchester quickly caught up and attempted to stop the vehicle with his lights and siren but the Trailblazer failed to pull over.

It fled west on Belva Drive then north on U.S. Highway 61 South a short distance to Grange Hall Road. The Trailblazer had a flat tire and did not exceed speeds of 55 mph as it continued east on Grange Hall. Sheriff Martin Pace directed deputies to locations along Fisher Ferry to assist in the attempt to stop the vehicle.

The Trailblazer turned north on Fisher Ferry just past Southside Baptist Church, where “it sideswiped another vehicle,” Pace said. At the scene, a dark-colored Infinity was sideways on the shoulder and the Trailblazer was on the roadway with significant damage to the front end.

The scene of a two-car accident on Fisher Ferry near Old Trace Drive.

Both the driver of the Infinity and the driver of the Trailblazer were trapped in their vehicles as a result of the accident. Fire fighters from the City of Vicksburg, Fisher Ferry and Fire Coordinator Gerald Briggs showed up to assist removing the two individuals from their vehicle.

The drivers were transported to Merit Health River Region. The extent of their injuries is unknown, but they do not appear to be life-threatening.

An ambulance transports one of the injured parties to Merit Health River Region.

Fisher Ferry Road was shut down for just over an hour while the injured were treated and the scene was investigated.

“We appreciate the cooperation of the public,” Pace said. “This crash blocked both lanes for some time.”

The Vicksburg Daily News will keep you updated on this story as more information become available.

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Expanded shooting video shows many more shots fired than originally reported




The home video that recorded the sound of gunshots has been expanded to capture the entire event. The expanded video clearly records many more shots than the original video. Here is the video, how many shots do you hear?

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Warren County’s Briggs and Garrard rescued three unconscious men from certain death at Satartia gas leak



MEMA Drone photo of the Satartia gas line explosion site.

Warren County’s Gerald Briggs and Shane Garrard saved three men from certain death in the Satartia gas leak incident last night.

The three men were found unresponsive in a vehicle near the site of the explosion that caused a large area near Satartia to be evacuated.

At 7:35 p.m. on Saturday night, word came in to the E-911 call center that a gas line has exploded near Satartia, and toxic gas was being leaked into the area. The carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide leak let more than 220 barrels of gas loose into the community. The lack of wind and cool weather caused the toxic cloud to stay in the area for several hours.

First responders from several local and state agencies sped to the area to assist in minimizing the impact of the gas. Warren County Fire Coordinator Gerald “Jerry” Briggs and 911 Director Shane Garrard were among those who responded. Briggs and Garrard suited up in their HAZMAT gear to search the area near the gas leak.

While driving a gravel road near the explosion site they saw an occupied vehicle. The three occupants of the vehicle were slumped and non-responsive. They broke a window to gain access, did what they could to treat them on the scene, and then quickly moved them to a rescue vehicle for transport to a safer area.

Briggs could be heard on the radio saying, “Coming in hot,” indicating to rescue units he and Garrard were coming back to the staging area with distressed victims.

All three are expected to fully recover from their exposure to the toxic gas.

Garrard and Briggs went back to look for more victims and worked the exposure area throughout the night looking for more victims. The explosion eventually caused 45 to be hospitalized and 300 residents were evacuated.

Shane Garrard and Jerry Briggs are two of Warren County finest. They are undisputed heroes who saved three unconscious men from certain death in Satartia last night.

Shane Garrard with his family (photo from his social media)

Fire Boss Jerry Briggs with his boss Kelly Suzanne (photo by David Day)




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MDOT closing Hwy. 465 at 5 p.m. Sunday



MDOT will be closing Mississippi Highway 465 at Eagle Lake at 5 p.m. today due to flooding concerns.

The road will be closed from the intersection with U.S. Highway 61 to the Backwater Levee Road. Anyone caught going around barricades will be cited for disregard of a traffic control device.

Light traffic can use the Backwater Levee. Large trucks and commercial vehicles are directed to travel through Onward to the Main Line Levee.

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