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Tonight at The Beechwood Restuarant and Lounge




! Head on over to The Beechwood Restaurant & Lounge for some great food tonight and then get ready for the party this weekend with Snazz performing on Friday & Saturday nights in the Lounge! The Super Bowl is Sunday and we’re gearing up for lots of give-aways and fun and food and drinks and football…  CAN YOU TELL THAT WE’RE EXCITED…  Packers vs Steelers…  The two dynasties from the 1970’s going head to head in 2011!!! I voted in our poll… did you?  If not, you can either use our search box and type “poll” to find it, or just wait until lunchtime when we re-post the poll and more about what’s happening on SuperBowl Sunday at The Beechwood!]]]]> ]]>

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