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Today's Birthdays – June 11, 2011




Celebrity Birthdays 1867 Charles Fabry found ozone layer in upper atmosphere 1880 Jeannette Rankin 1st woman elected to US Congress (from Montana) 1913 Vince Lombardi NFL coach (Green Bay Packers) 1918 Nelson Mandela civil right activist in South Africa 1919 Richard Todd Ireland, actor (Dorian Gray, Assassin Yangtse Incident) 1935 Gene Wilder Milwaukee, actor (Young Frankenstein, Silver Streak) 1937 Johnny Brown St Petersburg Fla, comedian (Good Times, Leslie Uggams) 1939 Jackie Stewart Scotland, driver/sports announcer (27 Grand Prix) 1945 Adrienne Barbeau wife of John Carpenter/actress (Maude, Swamp Thing) 1949 Frank Beard rocker (ZZ Top-She Got Lets, Fandango) 1952 Russell Hitchcock rocker (Air Supply-All out of Love) 1953 Peter Bergman actor (All My Children, Starland Vocal Band) 1956 Joe Montana NFL quarterback (SF 49ers) 1967 Clare Carey actress (Kelly Fox Rosebrock-Coach) 1973 Robby Kiger Encino Calif, actor (Crazy Like a Fox)]]]]> ]]>

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