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This Day in History – May 27, 2011




1796 James S McLean patents his piano 1844 Samuel F.B. Morse completes 1st telegraph line 1896 1st major tornado to strike urban US (St Louis & E St Louis MO); killing 255 & leaving thousands homeless 1907 Bubonic Plague breaks out in San Fransisco 1919 1st transatlantic flight ends; US Navy flying boat takes 11 days 1919 Charles Strite patents pop-up toaster 1930 Richard Drew invents masking tape 1931 1st full scale wind tunnel for testing airplanes, Langley Field VA 1931 Piccard & Knipfer make 1st flight into stratosphere, by balloon; 1st use of pressurized cabin in a balloon 1933 Walt Disney’s “3 Little Pigs” released 1935 Supreme Court declares FDR’s National Recovery Act unconstitutional 1941 FDR proclaimes an “unlimited national emergency” due to Germany’s sinking of Robin Moor 1961 1st black light is sold 1961 President Kennedy announces US goal to reach the Moon 1963 3 New Jersey businessmen purchase the NHL Colorado Rockies, & get approval to move them to the New Jersey Meadowlands (Devils) 1969 Walt Disney World construction begins 1981 John Hinckley attempts suicide by overdosing on Tylenol 1985 Inaugural bands parade for President Reagan 1994 Final broadcast of Arsenio Hall talk show 1994 Flintstones live action movie opens in theaters 1994 Larry King ended his radio show 1997 1st all female (20 British women) team reaches North Pole]]]]> ]]>

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