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This Day in History – May 23, 2011




1533 King Henry VIII & Catherine of Aragon marriage declared null & void 1701 Captain Kidd hung in London after conviction of piracy & murder 1774 Chestertown tea party occurs (tea dumped into Chester River) 1785 Benjamin Franklin announces his invention of bifocals 1788 South Carolina becomes 8th state to ratify US constitution 1844 Declaration of the Báb (Bahá’í festival) (‘Azamat 7, 1) 1865 Flag flown at full staff over White House, 1st time since Lincoln shot 1865 Victory parade in Washington DC (Grand Review) 1867 Jesse James-gang rob bank in Richmond MO (2 die, $4,000 taken) 1873 1st Preakness: G Barbee aboard Survivor wins in 2:43 1873 Canada’s North West Mounted Police Force (RCMPF) forms 1876 1st National League no-hitter (Joe Borden, Boston) 1882 6″ of snow falls in eastern Iowa 1883 Baseball game between one-armed and one-legged players 1887 1st transcontinental train arrives in Vancouver British Columbia 19– B.J. & Peg Hunnicutt of Mill Valley’s anniversary (on MASH) 1900 Associated Press News Service forms in New York 1903 1st automobile trip across US from San Fransisco to New York, ended April 1 1908 Dirigible explodes over San Fransisco Bay, 16 passengers fall, none die 1911 New York Public Library building at 5th Avenue dedicated by President Taft 1922 Walt Disney incorporates his 1st film company Laugh-O-Gram Films 1934 Wallace Carothers manufactures 1st nylon (polymeer 66) 1945 Winston Churchill resigns as British PM 1953 Schools 1st use Cliff’s Notes 1969 The Who release the rock opera “Tommy” 1970 Grateful Dead’s 1st perfomance outside of the US (England) 1971 Rock group Iron Butterfly disbands 1977 Supreme Court refuses to hear appeals of Watergate wrong doers H R Halderman, John Ehrlichman & John Mitchell 1982 Colin Wilson rides a surfboard 294 miles 1988 Maryland stops sale of cheap pistols on Jan 1, 1990 1990 Cost of rescuing savings & loan failures is put at up to $130 billion 1990 Dow Jones average hits a record 2,856.26 1991 US Supreme Court bars subsidized clinics from discussing abortion 1992 President Bush orders Coast Guard to intercept boats with Haitian refugees 1994 Star Trek The Next Generation, finale airs this week in syndication]]]]> ]]>

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