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This Day in History – April 30, 2011




0311 Emperor Galerius recognizes Christians legally in the Roman Empire 1006 Brightest supernova in recorded history is observed 1492 Columbus is given royal commission to equip his fleet 1562 1st French colonists in US Jean Ribaut & Hugenots at Parris Island NC 1598 1st theater performance in America (Spanish comedy-Rio Grande) 1772 John Clais patents 1st scale 1774 Pope Clement XIV proclaims a universal jubilee 1789 George Washington inaugurated as 1st President of US 1803 US doubles in size through the Louisiana Purchase ($15 million) 1804 Hague’s Theater opens 1808 1st practical typewriter finished by Italian Pellegrini Turri 1812 (Eastern) Louisiana admitted as 18th US state 1861 President Abraham Lincoln ordered Federal Troops to evacuate Indian Territory 1864 New York becomes 1st state to charge a hunting license fee 1869 Hawaiian YMCA organized 1885 Boston Pops Orchestra forms 1889 1st US national holiday, on centennial of Washington’s inauguration 1898 Championship wrestling match at the Metropolitan turns into a brawl 1900 USA annexes Hawaii 1904 Ice cream cone makes its debut 1939 NBC/RCA 1st public TV demo with FDR at opening of New York World’s Fair 1942 1st submarine built on Great Lakes launched, (Peto), Manitowoc WI 1947 Boulder Dam renamed in honor of Herbert Hoover 1948 Organization of American States charter signed at Bogotá, Colombia 1952 Mr Potato Head is 1st toy advertised on television 1953 Little-Bigger League changes its name to Babe Ruth League 1961 Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba receives Lenin-Peace Prize 1962 NASA civilian pilot Joseph A Walker takes X-15 to an altitude of 75,190 meters 1973 Nixon announces resignation of Haldeman, Ehrlichman, et al 1974 President Richard Nixon hands over partial transcripts of Watergate tape recordings 1975 Last US helicopter leaves US embassy groundsin Vietnam, Saigon surrenders 1977 Billy Graham beats Bruno Sammartino in Baltimore MD, to become WWF champion 1988 Largest banana split ever, at 4.55 miles long, is made in Selinsgrove PA 1989 Critics Siskel & Ebert film their 500th TV movie-review show 1989 Pope John Paul II beatifies Victoire Rasoamanarivo of Madagascar 1995 After 120 years the last 15 A & S department stores close 1997 42 million watch “Ellen” admit she is gay 1997 Big Ben stops at 12:11 PM for 54 minutes]]]]> ]]>

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