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The TRUE Story of the Warren County Unicorn




When asked about their reaction to the photo, the Vicksburg Daily News staff had mixed reactions. Gary Pruitt: “I just can’t believe it.  I know that Cristy took the photo and I know that it’s undoctored but I still can’t bring myself to wrap my brain around the fact that unicorns actually exist!” Tina Cole:  “It doesn’t surprise me.  It really doesn’t.  We should not be questioning our ancestors claims that they existed then and we should not ever question them again.  Here’s proof.” Nicholas Becker: “Narf?” Tabatha Ann Bradley: “Oh my!” Paul Ott Carruth: “You know that there’s a $2,000 reward from Listen to the Eagle for proof of a black panther, right.  I don’t know about unicorns though!” When we sent the photo to TruthSeekers, David Childers called and went into a tirade. “How in the world did you do this. I got into paranormal investigations for the specific purpose of proving that this unicorn exists. All the training… all the work.. and some yahoo who calls herself a reporter goes on a joyride with some crazy chick and pulls this off. I can’t freaking believe it. I quit. My life is meaningless and I can’t see any point in continuing my work. Thanks a lot Vicksburg Daily News. I hate you!” Sorry, David. Here are some more of the photos. [gallery link="file" orderby="title"]

Ok… here’s the REAL scoop. Cristy’s best friend Lindsey saw this one-horned goat a couple of months ago and called us. We thought it was the perfect story for April Fool’s Day and decided to go grab a photo. Cristy and Samantha went out and picked up Lindsey and were guided to the whereabouts of the goat. The camera went click and the photo was captured. That’s not anywhere near as interesting as the story above, is it? Nope… we agree… not at all.]]]]> ]]>

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