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The South Delta on June 29, 2019



Among all the debris and heartbreak, we cannot help but be reminded that there is a beauty surrounding us in Mississippi.

US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith speaks with flood victims at Valley Park, Mississippi

US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith spent her day offering love and support, and listening a lot, to the victims of the Great Backwater Flood of 2019.

A deer on the roadway take notice but doesn’t run. They’ve been forced close to the road for so long some deer don’t even look up at the passing vehicles.

This small herd is a lot healthier and better fed than a week ago.

An alligator warms itself in the late afternoon sun.

The flood debris on Highway 465 just off of Highway 1 continues to grow.

A gaze of raccoons feeds on some cat food provided by caring citizens.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of deer in this field. This photo captures some of them huddled together. They’ve reappeared now that the state has allowed them to be fed.

That road sign ironically says ‘Cut Off Road’.

An egret on the left keeps a wary eye on the slowly oozing its way alligator on the right.

A raccoon feeding on cat food with a deer just over it’s shoulder. Both are coming back to life now that the state has allowed food to be placed for them.

Highway 1 near Onward, MIssissippi.


Be On The Lookout for a Gray Impala with a Pizza Hut sign on top



Vicksburg Police stopped a gray Impala with a Pizza Hut sign on top for a traffic violation.


The officer returned to his vehicle to write the citation and do an information check on the driver. When the officer began to return to the gray Impala the driver sped away.

The officer gave a brief chase but the car was too far gone. Police are at the Pizza Hut to gather information on the driver. There is no word at this time on why the driver might have fled from police. More on this story as the information comes available.

BOLO – Be On The Lookout for a gray Impala with a Pizza Hut sign on top.

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Shell casings found at Robert Walker Building



The fight that led to shots fired at The Event Place last night also led to a conundrum; no one could  find the shell casings.


That all changed just a few minutes ago when a couple of Valley residents found them.

There were varying reports from eyewitness of the origin of the gunfire. Some thought they came from Washington Street and others said from Walnut Street. It turns out the shots were fired from the corner of South and Walnut street right next to the Robert Walker building.

The red marker shows the location where the shells casings were found. The Event Place is under the blue marker for Michel’s Record Shop.

Recovered were 4 nine millimeter rounds and one 40 cal round.

Here is a video from the scene:



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Amtrak resumes full Chicago-to-New Orleans service after flooding



Amtrak’s City of New Orleans is back on its full route between Chicago and Louisiana.

Since May, the train trip ended in Jackson for travelers headed south, another victim of this year’s Mississippi River flooding. The route south of Jackson has been closed because the Louisiana tracks were in danger, reports WJTV.

“They have to open the Bonnet Carré Spillway at a certain point in flooding,” Knox Ross of the Southern Rails Commission told WJTV. “And when they do that it becomes dangerous for passenger trains to get into New Orleans.”

Not only was the closure an inconvenience for passengers forced to find alternatives to the popular train route, it cost Amtrak money.

“If they’re going to ride a bus, they’re just not going to buy a ticket, so all of that is at Amtrak expense,” Ross continued. “So when the Bonnet Carré Spillway opens they can’t run the trains. They have to be serviced here in Jackson or Memphis and Amtrak has to pay for the buses.”

“It’s the convenience, it’s the comfort and the fast time that it takes so it’s … better than the bus,” a passenger said.

The City of New Orleans makes the trip every day from Chicago to New Orleans, making seven stops in Mississippi, and then returns. It’s roughly 19 hours one way for the full trip.

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