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The Rocket Rides On!!




Rocket Cab had agreed to provide free rides home to keep intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel. I know for a fact that several people took advantage of the service from the Beechwood alone. As a result of further research I’ve found that numerous people made use of the offer.  We had only one alcohol related crash in the county that night.  There’s proof that a concerted effort can make a difference. I contacted the company to do a follow-up story and give them a public thank you for their efforts. When I found out that Joseph Williams was the franchise holder for Rocket ,it began to make more sense to me.I’ve known Joseph and his family all my life.Good Vicksburg business people who go out of their way to be treat people right. I found out that each cab is independently owned but operated as a Rocket Cab franchisee under stringent guidelines by both the company and the city. In this the first of three parts, we’ll look at Rocket Cabas well as how the industry has evolved to where it is today in our city.  We’ll look at the five years with no local “legal” taxi services, and we’ll hear from the board charged with regulating the industry. Joseph Williams and his franchisees are finding the market very receptive to their services.  He takes pride in the fact that it is one of Vicksburg’s oldest family run businesses.  They work out of the same location his father started from in 1951… a home-based business if you will. As I visited with Williams Friday afternoon business was brisk, people needing a ride to and from work were the majority of the calls.  Williams said business was good, people are becoming familiar with the service again.  He said he needs more franchisees to operate cabs under the Rocket Cab umbrella. Tomorrow we’ll look at the taxi industry and how it’s regulated.  Transportation Board Chair Jim Stirgis, Jr. fills in the blanks on the hows and whys within the city regulations.]]]]> ]]>

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