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The 4 A.M. Crafter




Three brown paper lunch bags Adhesive (red line tape is great) Cardstock Patterned paper Summer themed stickers or die cut shapes Pictures Paper trimmer Strong hole punch (crop a dile) Binder rings Ribbons (4” pieces) Ruler Instructions: Fold all bags in half lengthwise. Stack them putting them opposite directions.  Fold all together n punch holes, if you don’t have a hole punch that is that strong make sure you line them up before punching each bag  Measure each page and determine exactly how much of the bag you want covered with paper… some people like the whole bag to be covered, but I enjoy showing off that I made this out of a recycled product. After you cut your papers, adhere to the paper bag  pages, taking care to notice things like the folds in the bags.  You can even put some photos onto cardstock pieces to make them stronger and insert them into the bag openings as a little interactive embellishment, plus this allows you to add even more photos to this little album.  Choose your pictures and embellishments for the pages and decorate as desired.  You might consider using smaller pictures or crop some down because as you see above a 4×6 print takes up a lot of room on these pages… After you get the pages assembled as u desire, run a binder ring through the holes on the side of the bags.  Then tie the ribbon around the binder clips to cute-ify it.  Have fun with this project, everybody!!! Its always a crowd pleaser to show off to your friends and relatives, and it always looks more complicated than it actually is when it’s complete! Flip flop mini album Yes, everybody. You are seeing this correctly… that is an actual flip flop made into a scrapbook… (take that critty lu!)  This is another awesome crowd pleaser but be careful if you have young daughters—they will try to put it on! Supplies needed: A pair of $1 flip flops (new preferably) Strong adhesive Binder rings (biggest size) Stickers Patterned paper Chipboard sheets (like what is on the back of notebooks) Pencil Strong hole punch and possibly an ice pick Optional: you can glue silk flowers across the band of the flip flop with hot glue Instructions: Before we get to the fun part you need to take the flip flop and trace out desired number of pages out of the chipboard.  Then cover both sides of the chipboard with patterned paper.  You can use any number of coordinating sheets, again creativity is up to the creator.  After you get the pages covered but before you embellish or add pictures, you need to punch the holes in the tops of the pages and in the flip flops.  After that, its all up to you, create to your hearts content.  You can add stickers and such to the flip flops and just have fun!  When you get the album to your finishing point, assemble and flip the entire album over. You need to remove the strap on the back of the album so it will lay flat.  You can add ribbon to this binder ring also, as much or as little as desired. Well, my cup of coffee is gone again, as well as my daughter… guess it’s time to climb back in bed for a little longer… happy crafting!  Also, if you have any crafting questions, feel free to email them to me to be answered in future segments!!!]]]]> ]]>

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