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Thank you once again



A long and winding country road (photo by David Day)

2020 isn’t quite working out according to the business plan.

The COVID-19 impact is historic and will remain a part of our lives for some time. The impact on our community has been pervasive, but so far, we’ve escaped anyone dying from the virus. Another week or two and the worst should be over, and we can begin the process of rebuilding our lives.

That rebuilding will not happen quickly, and some things will take years. Vicksburg has always found a way to come out on top and overcome. This will be one more of those times when our community will work together to make it a better place.

Most people are staying at home to reduce the chances of getting the virus. That means more people than ever are on the internet.

At the Vicksburg Daily News, the impact has been that more traffic than ever has been driven our way. Ten days into April, we already have over 2 million ad views and with your continued support, we will most likely pass 4 million ad views for the month of April. We are over 12 million ad views for the year and continue to be humbled at how much support you have shown us. Before you advertise with anyone make them show you the numbers.

We appreciate the strong value you have bestowed upon us as Vicksburg’s only locally owned and largest newspaper. The trust you have put in us is something we work hard to maintain and improve every single day.

Once this season has passed, a new season will begin with new challenges. We will continue to work to provide the news for you.

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