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Tenor? Rhetoric? Vitriol? Hate?




Trey Roberts via our Facebook Page – Visit Trey on Facebook I can’t think of a time in recent past that I could compare to the frustration and the anger that I’m feeling at this very moment. I absolutely cannot believe that we still live in the United States of America. What has happened to the Democrat party and more importantly and probably more scarily, what has happened to the main stream media of America. We have truly reached a horrible place in American history. Over the past 18-24 months, there have been 1000’s of rallies, protests, gatherings, town halls, meetings and many other sorts of get togethers by 100’s of Tea Party, 9/12, patriot, freedom loving, liberty protecting grassroots organizations from every state in the Union. What hasn’t been at any, not a single one of these gatherings is violence. Except that from the likes of SEIU, other union thugs, environmental extremists, black panthers, etc, etc, etc. Yet with so many opportunities to commit such horrific acts, we haven’t. And this is what every media outlet, every brain-dead liberal progressive doesn’t get. THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR ISN’T US! How many cowardly, suicide-murders will it take? How many liberal professors will it take? How many single engine planes flown into government buildings will it take? How many David Duke loving, White Power joining, anarchy dreaming, drug using, mind altering, constitution hating, fundamental transformation loving, liberal/progressive/communists openly calling for violent revolution will it take for people to realize that is the Democrats and their base that house the most extreme fringe minded people in our country and that it is the Democrats that continue to give sanctuary to violent, radical, revolutionaries who have no desire to see America remain the bastion of freedom that she has been over the last 235 years? I am angry but I am not surprised. Many of us have predicted this. We all know that this is what liberals and progressives and socialists have wanted for a very long time. Here’s another crisis in which to rob law abiding Americans of more of their individual liberties. Here’s another opportunity to politicize an absolute crazy person and gain power and votes. Anyone and I mean anyone who would use death, injury and assassination for any type of gain is the most despicable and disgusting of human beings that walk the face of the earth. To blame, entertainers and pundits of any bend for the decision of one crazy person is the definition of reckless and inhumane. Tea Party, do not flinch. This gunman doesn’t represent you or me in any way shape or form. We cherish our freedoms and we love the battlefield. The battlefield of ideas. We understand that this revolution that we are currently enthralled in, a revolution to fundamentally restore the republic, can and will be fought without a single shot being fired and will be won in the halls of our nation’s governmental buildings, at the ballot box and in the hearts of everyone that understands that change comes from within and without fundamentally changing our own lives, there truly is no hope for the Republic. We know who the enemy is. We don’t need a talking head to define the enemy for us. It is clear, who loves freedom and liberty and who does not. Outside influences as well as domestic influences may try to sway our fortitude, but we will remain resolute. There is nothing to question, there is nothing to debate. What happened in Arizona is a decision made by a horrible person and nothing else. If ideology influenced him, it’s beyond clear whose ideology was behind the insanity.]]]]> ]]>

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