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Summer McGee enters guilty plea in the murder of Moses Luckett



Summer McGee, center, is escorted by officers Clay Griffin, left, and Claude Billings (Photo by David Day)

VICKSBURG, Miss. (Vicksburg Daily News)–Summer McGee entered an open plea on Wednesday for the May 2020 shooting of Moses Luckett at the New Main Apartments.

McGee’s trial started on Monday, where she was charged with first-degree murder. District Attorney Ricky Smith had lined up 13 witnesses and said “After hearing the testimony we were able to put on, we had about 13 or 14 witnesses including members of the Vicksburg Police Department.” Smith went on to say, “I believe after hearing the evidence we put on they felt it best to go on and enter a plea.”

The defense did not present their case before McGee entered a guilty plea for the lesser charge of second degree murder.

“During the break, between the time we rested our case and the defense was supposed to start theirs, the defendant accepted a guilty plea to second-degree murder,” stated Warren County District Attorney Richard E. Smith.

The judge has set a sentencing date for August 19. Due to the plea being an open plea, the judge will have the discretion to sentence anywhere from the minimum to the maximum with no recommendation from the prosecution.

“The judge will make that determination on the 19th,” said Smith.

Moses Luckett, 37, was shot once in the chest and died on the scene at New Main Apartments last May. McGee was caught after fleeing the scene on U.S. Highway 3, just north of the Warren County Line.

Bobby McGee, brother to Summer McGee, was eventually apprehended after being identified as the driver of the truck used to assist Summer McGee to flee the scene. He will also be facing a first-degree murder charge.

“He was indicted along with Summer,” stated Smith, “The brother asked to be tried by himself and the judge allowed it, so we had to try Summer along first. Since we’ve concluded that, now we’ll go forward with Bobby.”

View David Day’s interview with Warren County District Attorney Richard E. Smith below:



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