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Southerland advocates for making Youth Court prosecutor a long-term position



Judge Marcie Southerland spoke to the Warren County Board of Supervisors Jan. 12 (photo by Thomas Parker)

Warren County Youth Court Judge Marcie Southerland met with the Warren County Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning regarding the position of Youth Court prosecutor.

She told supervisors during their scheduled work session that Lane Campbell acting as Youth Court prosecutor is working extremely well, and she would like to have discussions about making the position long-term.

Southerland appointed Campbell to the position following the resignation of former County Prosecutor Ken Harper in September 2020.

Southerland told the board that 75% to 80% of the county prosecutor’s job revolves around Youth Court, and she detailed the responsibilities of the prosecutor as it relates to the county, youth and justice courts. Southerland made a passionate speech about how the system has been able to move forward on more than 30 cases that have been in the system for extended periods of time since Campbell’s appointment.

The judge emphasized her hope that whoever is appointed and elected as county prosecutor would work in conjunction with the youth prosecutor and continue the process.

Supervisors are accepting resumes until 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 13, for an interim county prosecutor. A special election is scheduled for November to fill the remainder of the term.

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