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Shreveport ‘Dads on Duty’ gain national attention with school intervention



A group of fathers are making an impact at a Louisiana high school following an outbreak of violence that resulted in dozens of student arrests.

Southwood High School in Shreveport devolved into chaos and a string of fights recently, with 23 students arrested for fighting over the span of just three days.

Concerned parents decided that it was time to step in and get involved, so they formed a coalition to encourage positivity and foster learning that they dubbed “Dads on Duty.”

Around 40 fathers strong, they have began taking shifts at Southwood High where they spend time greeting students, telling dad jokes and shutting down inappropriate behavior with ‘the look’.

“We decided the best people that can take care of our kids is us,” one of the fathers told CBS.

Since the fathers have started spending time on campus, there has not been a single fight and student morale has made a turn-around.

“We’ve stopped fighting, people started going to class,” one student remarked of the change in the atmosphere at Southwood.

“The school has really been happy and you can feel it,” another student added.

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