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Richland High Seniors pull off classic prank



"For Sale" (Photo from Richland High School's public page).

The Class of ’22 at Richland High in Richland pulled off a prank for the ages.

Overnight the Senior class got together and wrapped the entrance of the school in yellow caution tape and put up a large sign saying “For Sale by Seniors.”

Senior prank. (Photo from Richland High School public page).

It was all in good fun and the administration of the school noted in a social media post, “Our Seniors are ready to take on 21-22 and they’re on a mission! Creativity is literally on full display on Highway 49. Somehow, we believe that this class will produce a great amount of realtors, construction workers, graphic designers, artists, and planners.

Welcome Back Rangers!
It’s our time! It’s our year!!
Oh and by the way, we decided to take our building off the market. Sorry.”

Senior prank. (Photo from Richland High School public page).

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