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Read the bill: Mississippi’s long-awaited medical marijuana draft



Mississippi House and Senate negotiators have agreed to a draft bill for a medical marijuana program to replace the one approved by voters in Nov. 2020 but cancelled by the state Supreme Court in May 2021.

Lawmakers have asked Gov. Tate Reeves to call lawmakers into special session on Oct. 1 to address the legislation, which is subject to change (or to not be passed) by the full Legislature. Reeves, who had promised he would call lawmakers into session if they could agree on particulars of a medical marijuana program, has not said when or if he would call them back in.

Among other things, the 144-page draft bill would allow smoking of cannabis, allow cities and counties to “opt out” of the program and would be subject to state sales and excise taxes.

Click here to read the full bill, or read it below:

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This article first appeared on Mississippi Today and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

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