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Political Endorsements and Vicksburg Daily News




[email protected] to discuss your placement needs. 3 – ANY candidates for ANY office may submit a written statement to [email protected] at any point in time.  The submission will be reviewed by the editorial staff of Vicksburg Daily News and will either be posted, in it’s entirety, or the candidate will be sent a letter of rejection with the reason why the submission was rejected.  In order to keep fraudulent letters from appearing, candidates for office must contact a member of the Vicksburg Daily News Staff by telephone and complete our registration process.  The number to contact us is 601-618-6477. 4 – Vicksburg Daily News, LLC will NOT design advertising for ANY political candidate.  We have enlisted our sister company, Concrete Productions, to handle the creation of graphics, website design and audio/visual advertising for any interested political candidates.  If you are interested in the services of Concrete Productions, please call 601-415-4234 or 601-415-3267 or e-mail [email protected] 5 – Political candidates who are currently serving in office and are a direct representative of this area, and have been issued an open invitation to submit a “state of affairs” style report, must avoid campaigning within those reports.  We ask that all campaign statements be addressed to [email protected]. 6 – SEE RULE NUMBER 1 The quote below is from the official policy of Vicksburg Daily News, LLC

“This organization will decline to endorse any candidate for any political office, whatsoever.  It is in the best interest of the company and to our public to do this. Endorsement of candidates presents a bias to our readers and, thus, calls into question our objectivity when reporting on the news.  We, the founders of this company, pledged amongst ourselves that we would do everything humanly possible to represent ALL sides of a story and to avoid anything that would unfairly bias the news story. The members of this company are all United States citizens and, as such, have the “Right to Free Speech” and are allowed to editorialize  within a news item.  Such an editorial must be delivered from an objective and reasonable standpoint.  Editorials posted separately from news items must be defined as “Editorials.”  Even in the case of an editorial or opinion-editorial, it is still the policy of Vicksburg Daily News, LLC that our members may not deliver an endorsement to any candidate. We exist to serve the citizenry of Vicksburg, Warren County and other out-lying communities.  We will promote the importance of casting ballots, not influence the outcome of ballot counts.”
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