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New program offsets costs for museum field trips for Title I schools



The Mississippi Department of Archives and History will begin offering scholarships to offset costs for Title I schools to visit the Two Mississippi Museums—the Museum of Mississippi History and Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

“Our goal is to make sure that every student in this state has an opportunity to see these world-class museums,” said Katie Blount, MDAH director, in a statement. “We are thankful to our partners, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Cline Tours, Inc., for helping make this vision a reality.”

MDAH is offering the following:

  • Students who attend the Biloxi Public School District, Jackson Public School District, or Sunflower Consolidated School District are eligible for free admission to the museums. These admission grants are funded through an endowment established by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
  • MDAH is also partnering with Cline Tours to provide free transportation for students in Mississippi school districts that are located within a fifty-mile radius of Cline Tours’ bus hubs in Ridgeland, Oxford, Starkville, Hattiesburg, McComb, and Memphis. Vicksburg is 48 miles from Ridgeland.
  • MDAH has limited additional funds available for other Title I schools. Eligible schools should contact MDAH school visits coordinator Stephanie King for more information.

“We are excited to work with school districts and administrators to bring their students to the Two Mississippi Museums,” said Stephanie King, MDAH student visits coordinator. “It’s not too late to book your field trip for the 2019-2020 school year.”

For more information about this program or to schedule your visit, contact Stephanie King at 601-576-6795 or


Mississippi Secretary of State and MPB partner to bring ‘Promote the Vote’ to schools



The Mississippi Secretary of State office and Mississippi Public Broadcasting are partnering again this year to bring the non-partisan Promote the Vote program to schools.

This year’s theme is “MY vote is MY voice.”

The program includes a mock election from Oct. 1 to Oct. 25, featuring a realistic ballot for the governor’s race. MPB is hosting a contest for teachers for the “Best Mock Election Precinct.” Teachers are invited to decorate their classrooms with an election theme and post two pictures tagging MPB on Facebook or Instagram. MPB will award the most festive classroom a door prize.

This year’s Promote the Vote program will also include student art and essay contests, with submissions due Dec. 6. Winners will be invited to attend an awards ceremony at the Mississippi State Capitol in 2020.

Encourage your child’s school or classroom to participate. For more information or to register, visit  Questions can be emailed to, or you can call 601-359-6344.

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Welcome back, Mr. Cotton



Gordon Cotton (photo from

For many, many years the residents of Vicksburg were treated to the endless stories from a local icon, Gordon Cotton.


The Vicksburg Daily News is thrilled to announce that the legendary Mr. Cotton has agreed to pen a column for us at his leisure.

At 83, Cotton is just as active as ever and just as sharp. When we met at the Old Courthouse Museum to discuss his return to writing, he explained he had been cutting wood for the winter. We then talked about a recent spill he had taken at the grocery store. He said he was fine, just got his feet tangled up. But he used the story to spin another one about how, when he got home, several people called to check on him.

One of those people was local funeral-home director and long time friend, Charles Riles. Cotton said Riles barely hid his disappointment that Cotton had picked up the phone.

Gordon Cotton is a name synonymous with Vicksburg history and preservation. He was an educator for most of his adult life, and then he ran the Old Court House museum while penning many books including several in the “Images of America: Mississippi” series. His books can be found all around town and are constantly restocked at the Old Courthouse Museum.

We at the Vicksburg Daily News are over the moon that Mr. Cotton has once again agreed to share his vast knowledge and considerable wit with the citizens of our beautiful city.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading his stories. We also hope you learn a bit more about why Vicksburg is such an important part of the history of our great country.

In the first installment today, Cotton relates how Johnny Cash would probably still be tending the fields in Arkansas if it wasn’t for a man from Vicksburg: the late Reid Cummins.

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