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MS Says No To Personhood, Yes to Voter ID and Bryant, Warren County Re-Elects Pace, Palmertree




Race Warren County Statewide (93% In)


Governor Phil Bryant 59% (8482) 61% Johnny DuPree 41% (6056) 39% Lt. Governor Tate Reeves 78% (10472) 80% Tracella Hill 21% (2860) 20% Atty General Jim Hood 68% (9758) 61% Steve Simpson 32% (4649) 39% State Auditor Stacey Pickering 73% (9681) 75% Ashley Norwood 27% (3529) 25% State Treasurer Lynn Fitch 60% (8456) 59% Connie Moran 37% (5253) 38% Shawn O’Hara 3% (482) 3% Commissioner of Agriculture Joel Gill 43% (6061) 40% Cindy Hyde-Smith 55% (7625) 57% Cathy L. Toole 2% (374) 2% Commissioner of Insurance Mike Chaney 67% (9543) 62% Louis Fondren 31% (4468) 35% Barbara Dale Washer 2% (324) 3% Public Service Commissioner (Central) Addie Green 38% (5425) 43% Lynn Posey 62% (8661) 57% Transporation Commissioner (Central District) Marshand Crisler 43% (6170) 47% Dick Hall 57% (8110) 53% Unopposed – Secretary of State – Delbert Hosemann


House 55 George Flaggs 75% (4614) Sam Smith 25% (1567) House 56 Jim Culbertson 25% (195) Phillip Gunn 75% (596) Unopposed – House 54 – Alex Monsour Unopposed – House 85 – Chuck Middleton Unopposed – Senate 23 – Briggs Hopson INITIATIVES






33% (4643)

67% (9579)



Voter ID

62% (8879)

38% (5467)



Eminent Domain

67% (9724)

33% (4705)



COUNTYELECTIONS Sheriff Bubba Comans 25% (3637) Martin Pace 75% (10903) Chancery Clerk  TOO CLOSE TO CALL Donna Farris Hardy 46% (6550) Walter Osborne 42% (6136) Alecia Ashley 11% (1540) Gene Thompson 1% (198) Circuit Clerk Shelley Ashley-Palmertree 49% (7151) David Sharp 13% (1887) Jan Hyland Daigre 33% (4625) Robert Terry 5% (721) Tax Assessor Angela J. Brown 37% (5447) Mike Caruthers 14% (2084) Ben Luckett 30% (4244) Doug Tanner 19% (2751) Tax Collector  TOO CLOSE TO CALL A. Flaggs Jones 50.35% (7236) P. Mekus 49.65% (7135) Supervisor 1 John Arnold 72% (2532) Reed Birdsong 15% (541) Jerry Briggs 13% (444) Supervisor 2 William Banks 71% (1644) Trey Smith 20% (473) De Reul 9% (215) Supervisor 3 Charles Selmon 64% (1380) Jim Stirgus, Jr. 36% (785) Supervisor 4 Casey Fisher 41% (1126) Bill Lauderdale 59% (1630) Supervisor 5 John Carroll 14% (468) Richard George 54% (1849) Ellis Tillotson 13% (450) Joe Wooley 19% (662) Unopposed – District Attorney (9th District) – Ricky Smith Unopposed – Coroner – Doug Huskey Unopposed – Justice Court Judge (North) – Eddie Woods Unopposed – Justice Court Judge (Central) – James Jefferson Unopposed – Justice Court Judge (Southern) – Jeffrey Crevitt Unopposed – Constable (North) – Glenn McKay Unopposed – Constable (Central) – Randy Naylor Unopposed – Constable (South) – John Heggins  ]]]]> ]]>

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Mangham, Louisiana, police offer shot; suspects in custody



A Mangham, Louisiana, police officer was shot after making a traffic stop Saturday shortly after 1 p.m.

Two suspects have been taken into custody.

The injured officer has been airlifted to a medical facility.

The incident is under investigation by Richland Parish authorities and the Louisiana State Police.

The Vicksburg Daily News will update this story as additional information becomes available

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COVID-19 cases in Mississippi top 110,000 Saturday



Mississippi’s cumulative number of COVID-19 cases topped 110,000 Saturday as cases continue to rise in the state.

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported seven new COVID-19 cases Saturday in Warren County and no new deaths. The cumulative number of cases in Warren County to date is 1,518, and the county’s death toll is 54.

Statewide, MSDH reported 751 new COVID-19 cases Saturday, bringing the total cumulative confirmed cases in Mississippi to 110,006. The seven-day average of new cases is 766, higher by 250 cases from a month ago.

Most new cases are seen in younger people recently, and they are more likely to survive the virus than those 65 and older. By far, the age group reporting the most cases in Mississippi are young people from 18 to 29 years old.

MSDH reported Saturday that 10 additional Mississippians died of COVID-19 statewide. The cumulative number of deaths in the state is 3,171. The state’s rate of deaths to confirmed cases is about 2.9%.

Deaths are a lagging indicator. While July saw the highest number of new cases since the crisis began, August saw the highest number of deaths. The highest number of deaths in any one day was 67 reported Aug. 25.

The 10 deaths MSDH reported Saturday occurred between Oct. 7 and Oct. 15 in the following counties:

County Deaths reported Saturday
Adams 1
George 1
Hinds 1
Jackson 1
Jones 1
Marshall 1
Neshoba 1
Pearl River 1
Washington 2

New cases and deaths were reported to MSDH as of 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 16. MSDH usually reports statistics on the COVID-19 coronavirus each day based on the previous day’s testing and death reports.

The primary metric concerning state health officials are the numbers of people hospitalized, and that number rose steadily with the rise of new cases in July and August. On June 6, the number of Mississippians hospitalized with confirmed cases of COVID-19 was at 358. Hospitalizations nearly tripled by late July. They leveled off in early August and began noticeably dropping in the middle of the month including critical cases and numbers of people requiring ventilators. Hospitalizations continued to drop in September but levelled off at the middle of the month. They dropped again through Oct. 3; however, hospitalizations have been showing a rise since then.

The number of Mississippians hospitalized for the virus as of 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 16, is 609, about half of the late July peak of more than 1,200. The number includes 501 with confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 108 people with suspected but unconfirmed cases. Of those with confirmed infections, 140 were critically ill and in intensive care units and 69 were on ventilators.

Source: MSDH

MSDH has estimated the number of people who can be presumed recovered from COVID-19 in Mississippi. That number is 94,165 through Sunday, Oct. 11. This figure is updated weekly. It represents about 85.6% of the cumulative 110,006 cases reported Saturday, Oct. 17.

The number of cases in Warren County three weeks ago, Saturday, Sept. 26, was 1,407, therefore the estimated number of people presumed recovered in the county is 1,353, or about 89.1% of the 1,518 cumulative cases reported as of Saturday, Oct. 17. The county has an estimated 111 active cases.

These estimates are based on MSDH’s guidelines for calculating estimated recoveries when hospitalizations are not known, using the number of cases 21 days ago, less known outcomes (deaths).

The total number of Mississippians tested for COVID-19 (PCR and antigen tests identifying current infections) as of Thursday, Oct. 15, is 900,479 or about 30.3% of the state’s 2.976 million residents. Mississippi’s positivity rate (positive results to tests, seven-day average) was 18.3% Friday according to Johns Hopkins University. The national rate is 5.3%, and 5% or lower indicates adequate testing.

The total number of outbreaks in long-term care facilities is 127 Saturday. About 40.4%, or 1,280, of the state’s total deaths were people in long-term care facilities.

A total of 25 deaths in Warren County were residents of LTC facilities.

MSDH is no longer reporting outbreaks in individual long-term care facilities in Mississippi on its website and has replaced it with access to a database from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. You can access and search the data here. The latest data available is for the week ending Oct. 4.

For additional information, visit the MSDH website.

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MHP trooper severely injured in crash Saturday



(photo by Thomas Parker)

A Mississippi State trooper wrecked his patrol car Saturday on U.S. Highway 61 South, near its intersection with Jeff Davis Road.

The accident occurred around 9:50 a.m. Saturday. Apparently, the trooper was traveling north when he crossed over the southbound lanes and left the roadway, rolling his car several times. It is unclear what caused the trooper to lose control of his patrol car.

He was trapped inside the car and was severely injured.

First responders have extracted the trooper from the wreckage, and he has been transported to Air Care for transfer to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

The Vicksburg Daily News will provide additional details as they become available.

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