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MLK Parade Update




My thoughts on the parade and the legacy of Dr. King, as it relates to Vicksburg. Samantha and I arrived about 1:30.  As a veteran parade watcher  I know some prime spots to get a good view! As we waited a vendor came by selling cotton candy and we had to try that! I was saddened to see the lack of a crowd. From our vantage point near the library it almost looked like a normal foot traffic day in downtown. Samantha took this opportunity to ask some more questions about Dr. King.  You see, I am told my first grader reads at a third grade level.  Last year she developed an interest in Dr. King during black history month. I have taken the path of teaching my child that there both good and bad people of all races.  God made us all different, he put us here together for a reason.  I told her that when I started school, they had just been integrated.  It took some strong leadership from a lot of good people to keep things from coming apart at the seems.  People like Jim Stirgis, Crawford Mims, Reverends Lassiter and Mayfield, Oren Bailess, and many, many others.  They were the voice of reason and compromise.  They fought tooth and nail to give us better schools, a better community and a better tomorrow. Well tomorrow is here.  Pictured are a few people who have taken up the fight.  We have better schools, a better community and a bright future on the horizon. But there is work yet to be done. Our children now play together, they go to school together, we worship – in many cases – together.  We are doing a better job of taking care of our fellow man, reaching out to a fallen brother or sister.  But we can all do a little more.  What, Vicksburg and Warren County, will our children inherit? Sylvester Walker should be commended for his efforts to organize our city’s remembrance.  Those of all races who chose not to attend should ask themselves, what lessons are we teaching our children?   For not only are we dishonoring Dr. King’s legacy, but that of our own community.]]]]> ]]>

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