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Flood 2011

MDOT Preparing to Inspect Flooded Highways




Jackson, Miss. – As flood waters recede, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) must take several steps before it will re-open closed highways. Currently all the flooded areas of roadway, including U.S. 61 and U.S. 49W, still have water over the pavement, and there is no immediate timeline for the affected roadways to re-open, according to MDOT District Three Engineer Kevin Magee. The timeline is contingent on how quickly the water level drops, on weather conditions and what MDOT crews encounter while inspecting affected sections of highway. Once the water is off the pavement, MDOT crews will need time to remove debris from the road, conduct inspections of the roads and bridges, and do any necessary repairs, Magee said. “We are concerned with the integrity of the subsurface under the asphalt and shoulders after the long period of water saturation,” Magee said. “We have not yet observed any major damage to our infrastructure but we want to be cautious.” Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall said MDOT’s priority is to provide motorists with the safest roads possible given the conditions and the roads will be re-opened only after MDOT engineers have deemed them safe. ***Vicksburg Daily News and Listen to the Eagle have received a report that a “buckle” has been found on the northbound lane of Highway 61 in Warren County just north of the border of Claiborne County.  It was reported to us that the buckle will be repaired before MDOT opens that particular section of road again.  We are expecting additional comment very soon and will update you on this breaking news.]]]]> ]]>

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