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Mayor Flaggs visits local vaccination site Wednesday



mayor flaggs vaccination site
Mayor Flaggs thanked the frontline workers and volunteers at the vaccination site (photo courtesy of City of Vicksburg)

Mayor George Flaggs, Jr. stopped by the newly established drive through COVID-19 vaccination site at Uptown Vicksburg (also known as Pemberton Square Mall) on Wednesday to express his gratitude for the hard work of all those that make the site possible.

The mayor discussed the site’s operations with the team (courtesy of the City of Vicksburg).

According to Emergency Management Director John Elfer, approximately 400 doses of the Moderna vaccine are administered each day that the site is operating.  Working at such a high volume while ensuring the safety of the workers and the public in the process is a big job; a challenge that the team of workers and volunteers has executed very well.

“Thank you to all the Mississippi Army National Guard members, frontline healthcare volunteers, and the Warren County Emergency Management Agency for working to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine so efficiently in Vicksburg,” Flaggs said. “I enjoyed visiting Vicksburg and Warren County’s distribution site today at the Pemberton Square Mall to share my appreciation with these incredible men and women.”

Mayor Flaggs will be providing lunch for the workers and volunteers at the vaccination site on Friday as a gesture of his appreciation for their efforts.

(courtesy of the City of Vicksburg)

Demand for the vaccine is high, and available doses are allocated almost immediately through appointments booked on the UMC website.

To be effective, two doses of the vaccine are required.  The second Pfizer vaccine dose should be given within 3-5 weeks after your 1st dose and the second Moderna vaccine dose should be given 4-6 weeks after your 1st dose. Recipients are encouraged to receive both injections at the same distribution site to ensure that the same type of vaccine is administered.

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