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Mayor announces new property under evaluation for Vicksburg Animal Shelter



A dogs waiting for a home at the Vicksburg Animal Shelter. (File photo by Gabrielle Terrett

Another property has been identified for the Vicksburg Animal Shelter, Mayor George Flaggs Jr. announced in Friday morning’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.

The property, located at 4845 U.S. Highway 61 South, will go through a vetting process before planning or construction can begin.

The plan is as follows:

Phase 1: Due diligence

  1. Title search
  2. Environmental Phase 1
  3. Survey
  4. Access (ingress and egress)
  5. Zoning Special Exception
  6. Utilities Determination

Assuming that the due diligence is favorable, closing will take place in December or January 2021.

Phase 2: Planning

  1. Hire an architect to design improvements on the inside of the building
  2. Construction Estimate

Phase 3: Proceed with construction

  1. Advertise for construction bids

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