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Master’s Plan Ministries organizes outreach for the city of Vicksburg



Master's Plan Ministries organizes outreach in Vicksburg

In 2018, the Master’s Plan Ministries began a tradition that would help others and bring Vicksburg closer to God. That tradition is named the Love and Hope Outreach.

“This is the brainchild of our Outreach director, Minister Toni Ford, to help,” said Pastor Gloria James. “So, what she does is pray and then gets directed towards the community. Last time we did Ken Karyl community, and this time the Lord said Marcus Bottom. What we do is go into communities where we can help.”

The Master’s Plan Ministries partners with other churches to collect donations for a designated area in Vicksburg. This year that area is Marcus Bottom and the church will be distributing the donations Dec. 14 from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Stanfield New Life Church, 1404 Lane St.

“It’s not just us,” James said. “Our church may be the one that is leading, but there are other churches. We have become the church without walls. So other churches are partnering with us and helping us do this. As her emphasis, Miss Toni has been focused on bikes, and so we do toys, bikes, food, clothing, but the big emphasis has been on bikes for the children.”

In the past, the ministry collected enough bikes for more than 100 children, and according to James, they plan to do the same this year.

“Right now, I believe we have an excess of 100, and our goal is to give each family a bike,” she said. “We’d like to give every child a bike, but that’s the goal, to give each family a bike. We’re believing, praying and hoping that we can give every child a bike. We’ve done it before, and we believe in God that we can do it again.”

In addition to giving out material items, the ministry also gives spiritual lessons.

“What we’re going to do is not only give them toys, food and clothing,” James said. “But we’re also going to share our faith with them. We’re going to share the love of Jesus and talk about Jesus with them, because parents are going to be there and people of all ages, and we want them to be saved.”

In the future, the Master’s Plan Ministries hopes to expand its outreach program by simply following God’s word.

“We know that it’ll probably be another community that we help, wherever the Lord leads us, and it may be something of this magnitude, but it’s hard to say definitely, because we want to be led by the Lord in where to go and what to do,” she said. “We do know that we’re going out because that’s what He called us to do. Not just sit within the four walls but to reach and affect the culture of this community.”

Donations are still being accepted. To donate, contact Pastor Gloria James at 601-218-4122.

“We are still accepting donations of bikes, toys, food, clothing and money to purchase these items for the citizens of this community,” she said. “There is no donation too great or too small. This is our city and together, everyone accomplishes more. That spells team. It’s not too late to be a blessing to others.”

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