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Local Companies & Organizations Aid Victims of Landings Fire




We would like to ask each and every one of you who are reading this, to think about donating, no matter how small an amount, to these families.  A gift card/certificate to a local store or restaurant… that chest of drawers you think might be too small for your things… anything you can spare.  While you’re at it… what about donating to the local American Red Cross chapter or your local Volunteer Fire Department?  Write them a check if you can… or simply pick up an extra case of bottled water or one of those cases of snack size chips the next time you go to the store and drop it off at the Red Cross office or your VFD.   They would greatly appreciate it. We would like to thank McDonald’s for supporting our local emergency responders.  Mike, Melanie… Janice says that you never fail to support them… you’re always there with food, drinks, coffee… whatever they ask for.  Thank you… It makes us proud that we have you guys in our community. Also… Thanks to Ray Neilsen (owner of Ameristar), Lori Burke (Ameristar’s Marketing Manager) and the entire Ameristar team for being such great corporate citizens and donating to these families.  We can’t begin to tell you how proud we are to be able to tell people about this good deed! And to all those nameless people who have donated items (which Janice says she has a trunk full of) “THANK YOU!” Another THANK YOU that must be delivered is one to our Volunteer Firefighters.  Every single member of each VFD in our county… and our state & nation… but particularly those here in Warren County.  The members of this community owe each and every one of you a debt of gratitude for being the brave men and women that you are.   Thank you for being there for us…  we are always here for you! ]]]]> ]]>

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