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Libya Bombing: I’m not sure I get it




by Frank Worley, Maybe I’m stupid.  I just don’t get why we are attacking Libya. We didn’t bomb Egypt to help the rebels, not Syria, not Saudi Arabia, not Yemen, and not Bahrain.  We also aren’t bombing Jordan, oh and by the way, we aren’t bombing China either. China? Yes, China.  You know, Tienanmen Square China, which in recent weeks clamped down on freedom of the press (perhaps they call it privilege of when we feel like you reporting on us) and then started rounding up protesters.  I operate under the assumption that some of those protesters are dead. Evidence?  Tienanmen Square. So why Libya, why now?  Because their leader is evil?  See the leadership of half the world.  Because we are rooting for the ‘underdog’ rebels?  What about China and the other countries? It’s not weapons of mass destruction, he gave those up under George W. Bush.  (darn republicans did something right) So what are we doing this for? All I am certain about is that France is leading the way (weird) and there are good men and women in harm’s way and that there will be civilian casualties because there always are civilian casualties. I know that China and Russia (so good about freedom in their countries) are publicly opposing our governments action, not that we need their permission.  And I also know that we have a 14 trillion-dollar national debt and a trillion plus deficit. You could call me a hawk because I support the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, both wars I think we won and should be done with, but both had a reason, even if there are questions lingering about the integrity of one of those reasons, both were authorized by Congress although not with a declaration of war. The US Congress was consulted by the administration but no resolution was submitted or passed.  And even forces on the left are scratching their heads on this one. There are no inherent US interests of any sizable amount to justify this attack, he has not attacked us or our allies, and while ground forces are not supposed to be included – they always are in the end.  What happens if a plane goes down with a pilot?  Do we just leave him or her to die?  No, we send people in after them. Perhaps our President has more information that I do – but I wish he would share that with us, because as of this writing I cannot understand why we made this decision.

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