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Keith Phillips makes a million



Keith Phillips with the Vicksburg Daily News.

For the first time in the history of the Vicksburg Daily News, a single story has hit one million views.

Keith Phillips wrote the story about Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral asking for $10,000 per hour for appearances. A recent change in the rules allows student-athletes to earn income off of endorsement deals using their name, image and likeness (NIL) for the first time. Phillips saw Corral’s announcement on Twitter and the rest, as they say, is history.

The story had over 300,000 views in its first 24 hours and skyrocketed to almost 800,000 on its second full day. Monday, somewhere around 2:30 p.m., the story passed 1 million views and also managed to break the internet, for us anyway. The massive volume on that one story overwhelmed the site for the first time in a year. We’ve had big stories and even one story that caused things to jam up for a few minutes, but nothing like this. We are working to repair our broken part of the internet.

Congratulations to Keith Phillips for being on top of his game, as always, and for delivering the sports news that you, the reader, want to read.

Phillips covers local sports with an emphasis on the people playing them. He highlights a star YMCA player with the same love he shows to the million hit stories. Through it all, Keith remains a humble and kind person with no hint of ego. A person who truly loves his fellow citizens and works to build up all of the community. At the Vicksburg Daily News we are honored to have Keith on our team and working for you, the readers.

He is the King for a reason. Congrats King Keith.

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