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Juice Life has new owners



Shelby Miller (Photo by David Day)

Juice Life on Halls Ferry next to Morgan’s Bestway has new owners.

Jason and Lee Moulder have decided to sell the business they founded, Juice Life, to Shelby and Brandon Miller of Vicksburg. In a public post on the Juice Life page, former owner Lee Moulder said, “Jason and I will be travelling preaching the gospel and doing worship wherever God sends us.”

New owner Shelby Miller and her husband, Brandon, lost their Eagle Lake home in the flood of 2019. “We stopped being vegan around that time because it was so difficult to get the food items as we were putting our lives back together. We love that healthy feeling that fruit and vegetables give so when we saw that they were selling Brandon was like ‘I want to do it.”

Juice Life was opened at the height of the pandemic in December of 2020. Lee and Jason Moulder believed the time was right for Vicksburg to join the rest of America in turning to a healthier lifestyle. Their vision proved a success as word of their food, and especially the Acai Bowl spread around town.

The Acai Bowl. Photo by David Day who then ate every bite of it.

The Millers plan to keep the Acai Bowl and other menu favorites but do plan a few changes.

Monday, August 9, was their first full day as owners and they were challenged to keep up. “It was a good day. It was very exciting,” said Miller.

“We are changing the name. We will be the ‘Sqeeze Bar and Vegan Eatery’ and we will be adding a few new drinks and eating options. We will be taking away a few of the items that aren’t selling. A few different interiors changes, just to bring this place to life.”

“My husband loves cooking, he loves experimenting in the kitchen so I do believe we’re going to have a lot of fun new foods,” explained Miller.

The soon-to-be Squeeze Bar and Vegan Eatery will be open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., with plans to open on Saturdays in the near future. Miller added, “Our big plan is to turn into a full-on restaurant.”

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