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Jackson: ‘Why did I not know about this?’



Warren County Supervisors Shawn Jackson and Kelle Barfield

Last Monday, on the steps of the Old Warren County Courthouse where Jefferson Davis once spoke in defense of slavery, a ceremony was held commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote in the U.S.

Among those participating at the event was Warren County District 5 Supervisor Kelle Barfield along with a few others.

“It really was not a big deal event. We just wanted the press to note that we did a ceremony to note the anniversary” Barfield said.

Earlier Tuesday, District 3 Supervisor Shawn Jackson posted a video on her social media page asking why she, the first black woman to serve as a supervisor in Warren County, was not invited.

“Why did I not know about this?” she asked.

When this reporter asked Barfield that question, she responded, “We did not mean to exclude anybody. Our goal was to make sure the public was reminded of the 100th anniversary.”

“I mentioned it several times in meetings. But I didn’t reach out to her personally or in an email,” Barfield added. “It was an oversight.”

Jackson wrote a social media post that noted the role of African American women in the Suffragette movement. She specifically mentioned “the role Lucy Jefferson, a Warren County resident, played in the Suffragette movement.”

Jackson went on to say that Black women were not included when suffrage was given to white women.

“When it all came down, black women still didn’t have a right to vote,” she wrote.

“I did not know about it and was not invited to participate,” an exasperated Jackson stated in her video about the event. “There are all types of implications with that, but let’s just deal with the inclusiveness of it. She didn’t have enough respect for me to include me? I think the whole community should have known about it. I am disappointed. I’m seeing a pattern and it’s a disturbing pattern.”

After Jackson made it clear to Barfield she was unhappy about not being a part of the event, Barfiled said she reached out to Jackson.

“I’ve [since] explained it in person and in an email to Jackson how the event came about,” she said. “There was no effort to exclude anyone.”

Just before the Vicksburg Daily News published this story, Barfield called to say she did not organize the event. The event was hosted by the Warren County Election Commission and organized by Sara Dionne, chair of the commission, Barfield said.

Dionne said Barfield approached her about the event and said they organized it together.

The Vicksburg Daily News was not notified of the 100th anniversary event prior to it occurring. Barfield apologized for the oversight stating she thought we had been notified.


Governor adds seven counties to list of those under stricter COVID-19 measures



Gov. Tate Reeves during April 22 news conference. (Photo via video screen grab)

Monday, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves added seven counties to the list of those in the state that will fall under more restrictive COVID-19 measures effective Wednesday, Oct. 21.

With cases and hospitalizations rising in the state, last week Reeves put nine counties under the stricter measures, which include a mask mandate in nearly all indoor situations other than at voting precincts.

The 16 counties are:

  • Benton
  • Carroll
  • Chickasaw
  • Claiborne
  • DeSoto
  • Forrest
  • Harrison
  • Itawamba
  • Jackson
  • Jones
  • Lamar
  • Leake
  • Lee
  • Madison
  • Marshall
  • Neshoba

The governor’s criteria for stricter measures includes more than 500 cases per 100,000 residents or more than 200 cases over a two-week period. The most recent period under scrutiny was Monday, Oct. 5, through Sunday, Oct. 18.

The measures also mandate hospitals to reserve 10% of their capacity for COVID-19 patients, and limit gathering to groups of 10 indoors and 50 outdoors.

Asked why Reeves excluded polling places from the mandates, the governor indicated he would not interfere with a citizen’s right to vote by forcing voters to wear masks. He does expect most voters to wear masks at the polls and to practice social distancing, however.

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Flaggs to recommend allowing the bar at LD’s Kitchen to reopen



(photo by David Day)

On Tuesday morning, Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs Jr. plans to recommend to the city’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen that the bar and lounge of LD’s Kitchen be allowed to reopen under new management, enhanced security features and capacity restrictions, effective Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 6 p.m.

The bar and lounge portion of LD’s Kitchen, located at 1111 Mulberry St., was ordered closed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen earlier this month following a late-night shooting Oct. 6 that left three people injured. Wade Carter, 31, subsequently died of his injuries Oct. 9.

The suspected shooter, James Earl Winters, 29, remains at large.

On Oct. 8, Flaggs announced he would seek to have the bar declared a public nuisance.

“He wanted another opportunity to keep his legacy, his business open,” Flaggs said about owner L.D. Prentiss when asked what changed his mind.

The mayor indicated that he has been in discussions with Prentiss’ attorney Marshall Sanders to come to a resolution. The agreement will avoid court and litigation costs for the city.

Prentiss, who waived the right to a hearing before the board, agreed to have someone else manage the bar portion of the business, to new hours (opening at 6 p.m.) and additional security measures. The resolution will likely be released to the public Tuesday afternoon.

In a conversation about the resolution, the mayor said South Ward Alderman Alex Montour will probably not agree to the resolution; however, the mayor expects North Ward Alderman Michael Mayfield to sign off, giving Flaggs the majority needed.

Before the bar opens again, Police Chief Milton Moore will do walk through to ensure the agreement is being adhered to, Flaggs said.

“I’m willing to give him another shot at this,” he said.

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Warren County taking over repairs to sinkhole on Mt. Alban Road



Warren County has taken over repairs to a sinkhole on Mt. Alban and Culkin roads.

The sinkhole opened Friday morning caused by a water line leak. The leak was repaired and the road patched Friday afternoon by the Culkin Water District, but the repairs did not withstand the torrential rain Friday night.

County Engineer Keith O’Keefe informed the Warren County Board of Supervisors Monday morning during a work session that he and County Road Manager Jamie Cain had visited the site over the weekend and again this morning. O’Keefe said he felt County Road Management was better equipped to handle the repairs in a timely manner.

The sinkhole, and the cavern that developed under the road, was from an abandoned water line that had been leaking for an extended period. District 1 Supervisor Edward Herring expressed his concerns that there were other, similar issues throughout the district.

O’Keefe said the county crews would compact the soil and use rock on top. He added that they would allow the area to settle before repairing the asphalt.

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