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Ideas to celebrate National Grandparents Day this Sunday



Image by emailme3 from Pixabay

The first Sunday after Labor Day is designated as National Grandparents Day, reminding us to take time to reconnect with our families.  How will you be celebrating Grandparents Day?

“Stump your Relative” Game

The world changes fast, and it is enlightening and entertaining to explore the differences and similarities between generations. Penn State created a fun way for young people and older adults to get to know more about the life experiences of people in other age groups.  Click here to learn how to play.

Cooking Together

Find a couple of recipes, one new culinary trend and one old-school traditional favorite, and make them together.  This can even be accomplished over video chat for distanced families. For more delicious ideas that bring the family together around food, click here.

Get Crafty

There are creative projects suited to all ages that are not only a lot of fun to create together, but you come away with a keepsake.  Click here for inspiration.

Looking for even more ideas?  The Spruce put together this list of 10 free activities grandchildren and grandparents can enjoy together.


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