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How to handle the Mississippi heat



Mississippi has always had heavy, hot summers that have you craving a popsicle and a swimsuit, but they can be very dangerous if you’re not careful.

Sure, getting a summer tan is fun, but the blisters and aching sunburn are entirely preventable if the correct precautions are taken.

As we approach weather with high humidity and temperatures, it’s important to use the correct sunscreen. A Broad-Spectrum sunscreen is preferred, because it’s made to protect from UVA and UVB rays. Reapply often and liberally, because one coat of sunscreen won’t last  an entire day outside.

For those with dryer skin that gets worse in the summer months, a lotion rather than the spray or stick sunscreens is recommended.

To keep skin hydrated, it’s advised to drink roughly two and a half liters of water to make sure you are equipped to handle the heat.

When it comes to effectively taking care of sunburn, most people advise keeping it cold with a damp towel to ease the pain. Next, apply aloe or a moisturizing cream that doesn’t have fragrances or alcohols in it to further irritate or dry out the skin. Avoid popping any blisters that may form because doing so will increase the risk of infection and slow the healing process. If the pain is unbearable, over-the- counter pain relievers such as aspirin or ibuprofen could help.

If you’re still not on board with protecting your skin, here are some facts about skin cancer that might interest you. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States today, because 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. An even sadder fact, more than 2 people die of skin cancer every hour in this country alone.

Another very important issue regarding the hot Mississippi heat is what to do if you see an animal or baby in a locked vehicle that isn’t on during the summer. The inside of a vehicle can hit 90 degrees in just 10 minutes and can get as hot as 120 degrees. It can be fatal for a baby, pet, or child to sit in a car by themselves in the heat.

Only eight states — California, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio and Tennessee — have “Good Samaritan” laws that allow any person to break a car window to save a pet. Alabama and Arizona have bills pending.

In conclusion, take care of your skin and be responsible in this weather. Taking extra precautions is a smart thing and will benefit you in the long run.

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