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Health Myths




Can coffee treat a hang over? No it cannot. Caffeine can’t treat a hang over. You get hung over since you’re lacking water. The alcohol took a large chunk of the water from your body. Caffeine in fact makes you urinate. So really it has the contradictory effect. Is it acceptable to eat fast? The less that you chew the more your stomach will have to work to assimilate your food. You have teeth with numerous different uses. Some are for grinding and some are for cutting. Try and make the most out of them. Do beans act as an origin for gas? Yes they do. They are elevated in fiber. A lot of things that are high in fiber in fact cause gas. Do carrots perk up your eye sight? No, they don’t. But they do make your eyes healthy. That might sound like it opposes its self, but it doesn’t. They don’t perk up your eyesight, but they do assist you uphold your current ability to see. Can ingesting a gum cause stomach problems? It can cause abdominal pain, gas, and diarrhea. Do cherries alleviate pain? The answer is of course. People who consume at least 20 tart cherries every day have a decrease in pain from arthritis. Does parsley eliminate the bad breath? Certainly it does. The same is even done by other green leafy veggies that have chlorophyll. Does an apple a day really helps keeping the doctor away? Sure it will. There are many good quality things regarding apples. They assist in the reduction of risk of cancer. They also assist lower cholesterol. Who says that these older sayings are not accurate? As will all things, take mythologies with a grain of salt. If you are inquisitive about a myth, do some investigations on it. You will be astonished at how much information you will learn.]]]]> ]]>

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