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Just Plain Fun

Happy 5th birthday, kid!



Photo by David Day

A very lucky little guy was unlucky enough to turn 5 smack dab in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak. Social distancing means he couldn’t have a party with his friends. So his parents arranged a special surprise for him. A drive-by birthday!

Law enforcement from the State Police, the Sheriff’s Office including Sheriff Pace, the Vicksburg Police Department, the City Fire Department including a motorcycle riding Chief Danczyk and Warren County fire fighters including fire boss Jerry Briggs and E-911 coordinator Shane Garrard all drove by with lights and sirens to make this birthday in a special time a special day.

Most of the officials did this on their time off so as not to disrupt normal services.

“Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you so much!!” shouted the proud parents.

In addition to all the police and fire fighters several of his friends drove by holding cards saying “Happy Birthday!” At least 10 cars drove by in the 15 minutes the Vicksburg Daily News observed the scene.

The 5 year old can be seen waving to all the police and fire fighters and seemed a bit overwhelmed at the outpouring of love while the birthday boy donned his snazzy ninja birthday suit.


Here is a video of the drive by:

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