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Gun Season Open Today




JACKSON – Mississippi’s white-tailed deer hunting season with guns opens November 19 and runs through December 1. Hunting with dogs is allowed during this season. Legal deer include antlerless deer and legal bucks on private lands and legal bucks only on open public lands. For Deer Management Zone and legal buck descriptions, antler criteria, and information on how to estimate inside spread and main beam length see the Mississippi Outdoor Digest or For more information on hunting seasons and regulations visit the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks web site at or call 601-432-2400. We at Vicksburg Daily News and our family at Listen to the Eagle encourage each and every one of you who is planning on hitting the woods this weekend, to think about your safety and the safety of everyone else in the woods with you.  Keep your gun unloaded while you are walking to and from your spot.  Wear your hunter orange at all times.  Keep the safety on until you are ready to fire.  Wear a safety harness if you’re in a tree stand. There need not be any loss of life this hunting season.  Minor injuries (scrapes, bumps, sprains, etc…) are expected but we don’t need any broken bones or worse because you fell out of your tree stand. Make sure you are safe in the woods and enjoy your time hunting.  If you happen to bag one, think about someone who is less fortunate and pass along some meat to that family! Oh… by the way… we’re overloaded with does around here.  Think about taking one out before you aim for that four point.  Chances are, if you let that four point walk this year, he’ll be bigger and better next year!]]]]> ]]>

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