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Fundraiser set to support the needs of Vicksburg Animal Shelter



Photo of a cat posted by the Vicksburg Animal Shelter on June 3, 2020 (Vicksburg Animal Shelter)

A GoFundMe has been established by the Friends of the Vicksburg Animal Shelter, Inc. to help support the needs of the Vicksburg Animal Shelter.

Though a new animal shelter was approved by the Board of Mayor and Alderman to help address the needs of the current shelter and address the concerns of local animal activists, the current shelter is still being used until the new facility is built. The fundraiser aims to help the cost of animal care until the new unit is built.

The fundraiser reads:

Although our goal is modest, we would like to raise extra funds towards the needs of the new shelter just approved by our City, and continue providing support to our current shelter. Most importantly it is essential that we address the obligations of the animals, to help prospective adoptions in the community, and give care workers a place of pride to work in.

Please help these animals until they can move into their new shelter.

Thank you so much!

The outdated facility on Old Mill Road in the Kings Community has been plagued for years with flooding and flash flooding and the aging unit continues to struggle with the volume of animals that come through there. Currently, the facility can only house 18 dogs and 39 smaller animals and has maxed out its capacity several times this year.

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