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Foster’s “Where the Orchids Bloom”



Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

This is the eighth poem in a series that 85-year-old Dongieux Foster of Satartia has allowed us to share with our readers. 

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The date was April 30, 1963. 
Don Foster was physically grown, but he was still growing mentally and spiritually.

The soldier was on a military mission when he came to a place that seemed like he could stop and think awhile. As he looked around, he was so taken by the beauty of his surroundings. He would often remark, “If I ever lived any place other than home, this would be it.”

That place inspired the following poem.


As I walked along this hidden trail
just a short way up the mountainside
I saw a small opening just up ahead
seemed as if it would be a place to hide
The cool water of the mountain stream
that races along on its way to the sea
stops and lingers for a time in a pool
waiting for someone to come and see
the beauty of GOD’S creation all about
as if it was heaven’s own waiting room
with beautiful flowers scattered all around
the other side was where the orchids bloom
I found a place to rest my weary bones
and maybe even clear my troubled mind
and sooth my aching muscles one by one
as I rested my weary body for a short time
all of a sudden I began to feel so strange
all the troubles of this world was swept away
contented at peace with the world and myself
a place where I might sleep and rest for a day
I could feel the wonderful presence of GOD
with the beauty I see in this heavenly room
that only GOD’S hand could have fashioned
on the mountainside where the orchids bloom
Then the time came my journey must be done
it seemed as though it came much too soon
and I said in my heart as I had to journey on
someday I’ll return to where the orchids bloom

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