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Foster’s “In the Garden”



Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Many of the world’s most priceless works of art didn’t happen overnight. True masterpieces often take time to create. 

This is true of Dongieux Foster’s latest poem.

Mr. Foster began writing “In the Garden” in 1964, and then life happened. He put his writings away while he attended to the duties of a soldier, husband and father. His writings would stay boxed up for many years.

On October 24, 2019, Mr. Foster unboxed one of his poems and completed it. It commemorated his 55th wedding anniversary to the love of his life.

The following poem is actually two masterpieces- one being the written words that took 55 years to complete and the other being a priceless story of 55 years of true, unending love.


Let us walk along through the garden
in the silvery light of the full moon
and sit beside the flowing fountain
where an array of flowers are in bloom

and I gaze into your sparkling eyes
a mirror pool that reflects your soul
to see the dreams of life to come
and things of wonders yet to behold

to hold your hand or touch your hair
to hear your voice so sweet and soft
like a whispering breeze to my ears
or sound of angels in a choir loft

let us dream of things that are yet to be
around each turn along beside life’s way
the troubles we will encounter there
and miracles we must witness each day

that only makes our love grow stronger
and fills our hearts with peace and joy
as the Christmas lights on Christmas day
or the heart of a child with his new toy

and when trouble seems to block our way
with the sword of faith and armor of love
we will clear the way along life’s road
under the guiding eyes of the angles above

till our eyes are dim and our hair is silver
and our footsteps no longer moves fast
and our voice is now just a soft whisper
and we stand before heaven’s gate at last

This is the ninth poem in a series that 85-year-old Dongieux Foster of Satartia has allowed us to share with our readers.

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