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Flood 2011

Flooding and Family



on The family in the video that is being evacuated from their home is my family.  The elderly man in the video is my father’s first cousin… a man that my father referred to as his “older brother… he’s been “Uncle JW” for as long as I can remember. JW Whittington, his wife, Frances, and his daughter, Linda Cross, were evacuated from their home when flood waters threatened the area. I talked to Uncle JW just a few minutes ago and he said that the TV report made it look a lot worse than it was, but that he had lost some items in his (expansive) workshop.  His barn and storage building were also flooded and they haven’t had a chance to get in there just yet.  They’ve only been home for a short while, but the first thing Uncle JW did was check his shop.  Just like him… He said “I know that the water didn’t get in the house but I needed to check out the shop!” Pray for them…. and every other family that’s been affected by these storms…  AND…  PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WILL BE AFFECTED BY THE COMING FLOOD!]]]]> ]]>

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