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Flaggs seeks maximum penalties for discharging weapons



Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs, Jr. speaks on the discharging of firearms within the city. (VTV Screengrab from BOMA meeting June 25, 2021)

In a meeting of the Board of Mayor and Alderman on Friday, Mayor George Flaggs, Jr. made some announcements regarding the gunfire which occurs within Vicksburg.

“Yesterday I met with judges and prosecutors to discuss ways to close the loophole of people discharging firearms,” stated Flaggs.

Flaggs said he believes loopholes have been identified and seeks to have those who discharge a firearm within the city to get the maximum fine and penalty that can be charged for the misdemeanor offense.

Vicksburg police have increased neighborhood patrols in an effort to curb the amount of shootings, however low staff levels prevent the level of patrols leaders would like to implement, and there are still continuous reports of gunfire and arguments which lead to gunfire.

Flaggs also spoke on ankle monitor and bond issues which allows offenders to set up payment plans and be back out on the street quickly. “We can’t stop that, but we can make certain that we can hold them in jail as long as we can,” said Flaggs. “I don’t understand why we allow somebody to take somebody’s life and walk the street before the victim is buried.”

Flaggs stated, “We’re going to limit the exposure of these people that commit these crimes in this city where they will only be able to go home and to work.” He went on to discuss how the current system seems to be allowing those on ankle monitors to be out in night clubs, claiming to have seen it with his own eyes at a night club along his campaign trail.

According to Flaggs, control of the ankle monitoring system should be put back into the hands of the police department so they may monitor and address violations.

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